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Our Services

Virus Removal - We remove all computer viruses including ransomware.

Desktop Support

We provide annual computer contracts and one-time fix services ala carte.

Laptop Repairs

We can maintain your laptop and provide monthly software updates and patches

Data Recovery

We are an authorized OnTrack Data Recovery Service Provider. We recover your data and have a 98% success rate.

Software Installation

We can install, patch, update and provide training for your software remotely and in-person. From one machine to over 100,000 in the case of enterprise support and ITSM.

Motherboard Replacement

We can replace, repair and troubleshoot motherboard issues with our specialized equipment.

Computer Networking

We can setup, expand and maintain your wireless, Cat6, and fiber optic networks as well as T1 turnups and crossovers. We use Fluke Network Testers and Certification equipment to CERTIFY the networks we deploy. We do Site Surveys, and can assist with network troubleshooting.

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About Laptop Clinic

The Laptop Clinic was started in 2015 to support users who were frustrated and found it challenging to get straight answers concerning their laptop and desktop related issues. Unlike other well-known nationwide service providers, we don't solve every problem by recommending that you replace your hard drive, motherboard, or wipe your hard drive clean. We actually diagnose, recommend a plan, and fix your laptop or desktop if you want. If you'd rather have your old data such as documents, photos, music, drawings, spreadsheets and other important data moved to your new computer, we can perform this servicefor you.

Every hour your laptop doesn't do what you need it to, it costs you money! Why put up with poorly performing equipment? We can solve this problem.

We help keep your equipment working efficiently.

We are here to make sure your equipment is repaired quickly, efficiently and affordably.


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We repair almost any brand of laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

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